On the island of Bastimentos in Bocas del Toro, there is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered by those seeking true peace and tranquility. Up in the Hill is located at the end of a 20-30 minute hike through the local town and up to the top of a large hill overlooking the famous surf destination known as Old Bank.

Visitors are ushered into this luscious and ecologically-inspired site by entering through a tenderly cultivated tunnel of arching foliage guiding them down the path and to the Coffee Shop where products including homemade truffles and hand-processed coffee are available along with other treats prepared fresh from cacao and coffee plants that grow on-site.

Eco-Friendly Paradise

As we walked into this magical destination, we were greeted with a true and deep sense of serenity. The beautiful gardens scattered through the property inspired us to take our shoes off and dig our toes in the grass, and small groups of travelers huddled in groups and spoke in soft tones as children frolicked among us and handed out flowers laced with giggles and grins.
This project is eco-friendly in the truest sense and is self-sustaining, relying on solar panels, rain water and a fresh water spring to supply their needs. The structures on the finca (farm) are almost entirely made from wood harvested nearby and the owners have given back to the land by planting a variety of trees to replenish the area.

Up in the Hill Cabins

Up in the Hill currently offers two hand-built cabins that enjoy an amazing view over the water towards Isla Colon. Each cabin includes a kitchen with all the basic dishes and silverware, comfortable beds, private bathrooms with hot water and solar energy. Once settled, visitors can enjoy the view in the hammocks that are hung on the spacious front decks of the cabins.

Pure Tree Products

Along with the natural drinks and snacks that are created from the local cacao and coffee plantation, Up in the Hill offers a line of body care products made from coconut oil, plants, flowers and fruits that are found on the island. Bottles of hair and skin products line the shelves of the Coffee Shop and can also be found for sale at various locations on Isla Colon.