Against the backdrop of hidden treasures and as yet undiscovered hideaways on the “Costa Arriba” (Upper Coast) area of Colon, Isla Grande boasts a variety of lodging and food options and is a favorite destinations for Panamanians from the city as well as international travelers and tourists.

Access to the island of Isla Grande is achieved by securing transportation to the small town of La Guiara.  If arriving by your own vehicle, parking is available in the middle of the town in front of the docks.  There is a parking toll that is charged by the municipality and costs a few dollars to park over night, be sure to receive a receipt and keep it safe.

Walking to the dock with bags in hand is sure to solicit the attention of a variety of captains eager to provide passage to the island.  There is a syndicate that oversees the island transportation services and members are identified by their green polo shirts.  The boats are typical pangas (fiberglass or wooden fishing boats) with some of them providing a covered ride to protect passengers from the the sun.  Life jackets are required in the boats and everything should look to be in relatively good order.  A few dollars will have you delivered to the island and if you are staying at a location like Hotel Sister Moon who has their own dock, the captain will take you directly there.

Leaving the island is usually relatively simple as most of the establishments on the island can call for a boat or you can go down to the main dock and jump on whatever boat is going back to the mainland.