Discover Paradise in the San Blas Islands

It would not be a stretch to suggest that there are few other places in all of Panama, let alone Central America, where you can find a post card experience like the one that waits for you in San Blas.  This nearly untouched area of the Caribbean coast of Panama hosts a collection of islands that are home to the indigenous Guna (Kuna) Yala.  This nearly self-governed region is strictly managed by the Guna who have resisted commercial development and even prohibit diving in the beautiful waters surrounding the islands – don’t worry, snorkeling is still permitted.

Transportation options to San Blas are limited: either pay for a plane ticket to El Porvenir, or pile in a Toyota Land Cruiser for the 3 hour drive.  A more serene – albeit longer – option is to take a chartered cruise out of Portobelo, Puerto Lindo or Isla Grande.  Various sailboats and powerboats offer the opportunity to explore the Caribbean coast and will take travelers to San Blas for a weekend or longer to explore the islands and experience the tropical seafaring life.

Stay tuned for much more information on San Blas coming soon!