The tropical archipelago of Bocas del Toro on the Caribbean coast of Panama offers endless adventure, and one of the best ways to explore the exciting island of Isla Colon is on ATV. Flying Pirates offers a thrilling and unforgettable off-road experience on 4 wheels with exclusive access to the restricted coastline beyond Bluff Beach. This area of Isla Colon is protected due to the nesting turtles that lay their eggs on the beaches and it is only accessible by foot or on an off-road quad rented from Flying Pirates. Flying Pirates has committed resources to protecting this area and has been granted an exclusive concession to the land. Access by any other means requires purchase of a pass from Flying Pirates.

The eastern coast of Isla Colon is a diverse mix of pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, twisted marshes and dense tropical forest. Through these ecosystems winds a rough, but well-marked network of trails designed to bring ATV riders up close to nature and adventure. A full-day rental provides plenty of time to explore the trails while stopping along the way for a swim in La Piscina or The Blue Lagoon. The trail leads past the ruins of old structures as well as an air strip that once serviced the notorious Manuel Noriega.

The majority of vehicle traffic on Isla Colon are bicycles, ATV’s and golf carts, and Flying Pirate ATV’s are available for long-term rental to both visitors and residents on the island.

(pre-edit) Flying Pirates ATV Tour in Bocas del Toro, Panama from Drone Creatives on Vimeo.

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