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My Tour of Safarick’s Zoologico in Maria Chiquita

Safarick’s Zoologico invited Caribbean Panama Network for a pre-opening VIP tour of the zoo before their grand opening on October 20th. We had a great day Safarick’s Zoologico and I think it is a wonderful addition to the Caribbean coast of Panama…only one hour away from Panama City!

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Panama Ranks #2 on list of “Top 5 Places in the World for Women to Travel Solo”!

Panama shares the #2 ranking on “Top 5 Places in the World for Women to Travel Solo” with our next-door neighbor Costa Rica. “If you’re looking for a Central American destination, I highly recommend…Panama. There are so many things to do here and again most people speak English. I suggest starting in Panama City where you can schedule day trips and tours to different attractions like the Panama Canal. There are lots of adventure activities for active women like zip-lining, hiking, white water rafting and even bungee jumping!”

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First in a Sloth Series

The sloth houses a complex eco-system consisting of the sloth, a species of moth that lives nowhere but in the sloth’s fleece and a dedicated species of algae that grows in the sloth’s hairs.

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