Author: Pamela Rubio

My Tour of Safarick’s Zoologico in Maria Chiquita

Safarick’s Zoologico invited Caribbean Panama Network for a pre-opening VIP tour of the zoo before their grand opening on October 20th. We had a great day Safarick’s Zoologico and I think it is a wonderful addition to the Caribbean coast of Panama…only one hour away from Panama City!

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Where to Eat on the Costa Arriba

My absolute favorite part of travel is always FOOD. Tasting local cuisine is the best way to really get to know a country and its flavors and textures. The coast along the Costa Arriba in Panama is dotted with little blink-and-you’ll-miss it restaurants serving typical Panamanian fare with a Caribbean twist. While in Bocas del Toro, international cuisine owned and operated by expats are mixed in with fondas and street carts serving “palitos” – barbecued meats and veggies on a stick. I’ve tried a lot of places on the Caribbean and I review quite a few of them on...

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