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5 Reasons to Visit Panama’s Costa Arriba

Panama’s Costa Arriba shoreline is one of the most underappreciated attractions in the country. Perhaps due to Colon City’s bad reputation as being a “dangerous” city or maybe just lack of marketing efforts to promote the Caribbean side, many tourists and even Panamanians never visit this side of their own country. They are missing out. Like elsewhere in the Caribbean, this coast is super laid-back, temperate, and teeming with wildlife. Activities, lodging, and just about everything else are cheaper here than on the more highfalutin Pacific side. Whether it’s a historical ruins, a hike through the beautiful jungle or...

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Panama’s Changing Trends and Economic Growth

Economic Growth in Panama from 1999-2013 The Republic of Panama is a thriving and diverse country, growing rich with trade and commerce. Thanks in part to the Panama Canal and Colon Free Trade Zone, the wealth of nations is flowing through the country and helping increase quality of life. The figures are stunning. Exports have rocketed to three times their original value, poverty has decreased by 10% of the population, and industrial growth averages 4-10% annually since 1999. The number of skyscrapers in Panama City is indicative of the 60+ multinational corporations which have chosen to make PTY their...

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